The importance of supplementation for a healthy life

Seventy-five percent of people around the world do not consume the minimum amounts of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy, so supplements are a good tool to achieve a balanced diet.

Although the supply of food is increasingly wide, current societies are moving away from balanced diets, so the use of food supplements is increasing.

The World Health Organization recommends a daily intake of 400 grams or five servings of fruits and vegetables a day , but 75 percent of people around the world do not meet that minimum recommendation to maintain a good diet, explains Valeria Torres, Nutritionist with clinical specialization and nutrition analyst at Amway de México.

For a diet to be correct and nutritionally balanced, it must include all the nutrients and in the right amounts to avoid deficiencies. To achieve this, the easiest thing is the use of nutritional supplements, concentrated sources of nutrients that are used for the purpose of supplementing the diet.


Plant-based supplements are a practical way to enrich the amount and variety of phytonutrients in your diet. According to a survey carried out by the INEGI, almost half of the quarterly expenditure of Mexicans is destined to the purchase of proteins of animal origin, while those of vegetable protein only reach 2.9 percent.

The vegetable proteins which offer excellent benefits such as easy digestion, absence of lactose, cholesterol and saturated fat, plus they help the growth, maintenance and repair of tissues like muscles – can be obtained from dietary supplements because they are easy mix with any drink or food.


Previously there were supplements that filled the basic nutritional gap without targeting particular requirements, but now there are combinations that address specific needs.

There are also supplements that combine vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients , that is, products created from plant concentrates that retain their power, since new technologies allow the highest concentrations of phytonutrients to be preserved during the extraction process.

“Maybe your diet is balanced, but it is not so easy to obtain the benefits, for example, of the entire range of purple fruits (blackberries, figs, plums), which can be achieved through a supplement” he points out. .

Are supplements also for those who follow a balanced diet?

Although some people have an excellent diet, there are certain vitamins and minerals that are difficult to obtain through a regular diet, while others are difficult to absorb. “ Even if you consume iron in large quantities, the body will not absorb it if it is not accompanied by vitamin C ; in those cases, supplements are very useful ”explains Valeria Torres.

Another group that can be greatly benefited is that of vegans, who need special supplementation to avoid deficiencies that put their health at risk. In addition, some supplements are gluten- and lactose-free, do not irritate the stomach, and contain peppermint, a herb that promotes digestion.

Remember that supplements are not drugs but they help prevent complications from diseases such as diabetes.

Also remember that the consumption of these products must be preceded by good and exhaustive information and that their choice is voluntary, so it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before using them.