What is liposomal technology?

Liposomal technology allows for increased absorption of nutrients by encapsulating the active ingredients within microscopic bubbles called liposomes. These small liposomes incorporate double layers of phospholipid molecules (similar to the cell membranes of our own body) that protect the content of the destructive elements of the digestive system, bringing vitamins and minerals directly to the cells in a matter of minutes. The composition and size of liposomes are important to allow them to deliver small amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and bioactive compounds through the bloodstream to the intracellular level.

This unique method of administration protects nutrients from oxidation and degradation, avoiding gastrointestinal problems and ensuring absorption and availability of around 99%.

How does it work?

This incredible technology works thanks to a natural phenomenon that, in fact, makes life as we know it possible. The natural behavior of phospholipids is to form tiny bubbles when they are in an aqueous solution under the right conditions. These small bubbles, which are called liposomes, are automatically filled with the aqueous solution in which they were before being formed. Thus, for example, when they are in a solution containing a Vitamin C supplement , they are filled to the brim with liquid Vitamin C. These tiny bubbles of liposomal Vitamin C then remain intact until delivered directly to the correct part of the body.


How are Liposomal Vitamins produced?


To produce these highly sophisticated supplements, LivOn Labs initially creates a blend consisting of essential phospholipids (primarily phosphatidylcholine) and adds a pharmaceutical grade nutrient. In the next step, this mixture is sprayed through a nozzle stream at a pressure of more than 1700 psi (pounds per square inch) into a specially designed plate. The extremely high impact of this procedure is what causes the phospholipids to form their liposomes, which are so incredibly small that they can only be seen through an electron microscope. The smaller they are, the better, as this means that they are better able to move quickly and efficiently to their target before releasing their content.

An optimal system for the administration of vitamins and minerals

Lypo-Spheric® is designed to deliver vitamins and nutrients directly to the parts of your body that need them most. This type of liposomal encapsulation technology is the most elegant and efficient oral delivery system that has been developed to date.

These small, vitamin- and mineral-filled liposomes represent the perfect delivery system for a number of reasons. They do not initially dissolve or disperse in water or drink and then move rapidly through the digestive system. They do not require any digestive activity, as they are rapidly absorbed in the small intestine and transported intact through the bloodstream. This is much more effective than other oral supplements that have the potential to be oxidized, neutralized or even expelled before reaching the cells that need them.

The powerful and undegraded vitamins and minerals are absorbed and metabolized by the cells that need them most, without the need for fillers, binders, gelatins, sweeteners, dyes, capsule materials or flavorings such as those commonly found in other supplements.